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Actress / Dancer / Singer



I'm Lara. Musical actress, bookworm and enthusiastic hobby baker. I received my education in Hamburg and New York. Since 2017 I have been working at various theaters throughout Germany and teach jazz and musical dance for all age groups. 



Gold! am Theater Trier

10/11/20 Unter der Regie von Nina Dudek choreografiere ich Passagen in der Kinder Oper von Leonard Evers. Premiere ist am 01.12.2020 am...

Herrlich Trude

07/10/20 Am Sonntag den 11.10. findet die Premiere der Revue Herrlich Trude: Eine Hommage an Trude Herr im Kasino am Kornmarkt statt....






I offer a variety of classes in jazz dance for groups of a wide range of ages. With a targeted warm up and a strong focus on technique, I encourage dancers at every stage of learning to give their best. 


I also teach classes for heels training and musical dance.

I love to share my knowledge. Need help with an entrance exam? Want to learn a choreography? 

Especially in the current situation, coaching sessions are also available digitally at any time. Whether one on one or in a group. We'll find the right classes for you and your goals.